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Okay, so I doubt any of you will see this, but I’m so sorry I haven’t replied to messages yet. We’ve had some bad news about a couple of our horses, and some shit’s going down in the quarter horse world (they’ve brought in a ‘five panel test’ to check for diseases, but I won’t bore you with details since I’m pretty sure none of you are horse-y people :b), and one of our mares has two strands of one of the diseases which isn’t good news (we kinda saw it coming though, her sire had it and he’s part of the reason people have started the testing, it started with him I think), but it’s also brought back a lot of emotional shit with me since one of the horses we lost last year was her birth son (she didn’t take care of him and stood on him so he was an orphan baby) and we didn’t know why he got so sick he had to get put down, the vets didn’t either, but with this new information of his family having such a strong strand of this disease, there’s a fucking high chance that’s what he died of. It’s probably a matter of time before the mare who has it goes the same way (which is horrible and heartbreaking to see, trust me), and since she’s got two strands of the disease, all of her foals will have it, including her colt born December last year, so that poor little guy isn’t going to have much of a life. So we’re going to have to make decisions and I’m just very sad, because, to me, if you’re doing it right, animals aren’t pets, they’re family, and my family keeps dying.
Anyway, sorry about the rambling, the point is that I WILL reply asap.  Sorry lovelies. It’s just my animals (and mama, durr) are the most important things in my life, so they come first.

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